It will be a day full of varied impressions. Crete in a nutshell. Something for the body and something for the spirit. A fascinating history, archeology still full of secrets, local cuisine, hiking and bathing, relax for the mind, and everything surrounded by majestic nature. We will take you there often using dusty gravel roads in wild open air.

Archeology can be fascinating. And Phaistos is not a boring pile of debris. We will try to prove it by telling about the powerful Minoan civilization and the extraordinary history of archaeological discoveries. Perhaps the stone outlines of temples, warehouses, and workshops will suddenly speak.

We will also find the story during a leisurely walk in the Agiofarago Gorge – a place of spiritual strength and mysticism. Wandering surrounded by orange-colored walls of the ravine, takes on a different meaning when we know the intriguing fate of this place. We get to the ravine by car 4wd along a gravel road among sand rocks, olive groves and oleanders.

Finally, the time will come for something for the body: bathing, rest and then tasting the Cretan cuisine in the local tavern. The day will end with the mention of flower-power in the hippie Matala.

  • a walk through the excavations of the Phaistos Minoan Palace
  • wandering in the Gorge of Saints
  • cretan delights in the local tavern
  • hippie Matala in the evening

About 8 hours

About 3km

  • about 100m
  • a simple walk



10 AM

Agreed place / hotel in the area of Rethymno / Spili / Agia Galini / Matala or Phaistos excavations, at the ticket office

Phaistos distances from:

  • Rethymno: 1h 20min (70km)
  • Agia Galini: 24 (19km)
  • Spili: 50min (43km)
  • Heraklion: 1 godz 7 min (63km)
  • Plakias; 1 godz 15min (63km)
  • water
  • beach accessories (towel, swimming trunks, sunblock, no sunbeds or umbrellas on the beach)
  • lunch (if you need a beach, there is no tavern on the beach)
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • flip flops, crocs or shoes to the sea to the beach
  • a comfortable outfit
  • a hat
  • sunglasses