This journey will allow you to experience the charm of the one of the wildest regions of Crete. There are no roads and cars here. Our path will lead high above the water line, above the cliffs, sometimes along the picturesque beaches. We will always be accompanied by the view of the Libyan Sea and the hills covered with Cretan “phrygana” – bushy dwarf vegetation. On the way, we will stop at the impressive beach of Glika Nera, famous for its perfectly clear water, a vertical 800-meter wall rising above the beach, and the springs of fresh water pouring from under the rocks and from the bottom of the sea. There will be an opportunity to swim and have small lunch/ coffee in the only small tavern on the water. Then the trail will lead us up again, where, wandering among sage and thyme, we will enjoy views of white buildings of the charming Loutro settlement. Here, we also cool off in the sea and taste local dishes in one of the seaside taverns. Once we rest, we will go for a short walk around Loutro and the Venetian – Turkish ruins of the port on the hill. We will return to Chora Sfakion by ferry, admiring the entire route and the cliffs above the beach of Glika Nera.

  • a peaceful walk along the legendary E4 trail in the unique surroundings of the White Mountains slopes descending into the Libyan Sea
  • swimming on the beach of Glika Nera under the 800-meter rock wall
  • walk and swim in the charming Loutro
  • exploration of one of the wildest regions of Crete, accessible only by foot or ferry

About 3 hours, whole trip duration about 8 hours (with relax in Loutro and ferry back)

Around 7km

About 700m

Asphalt, path, stones, boulders, in some places a large drop


10 AM

Chora Sfakion (access by own means of transport)

Chora Sfakion distances from:

  • Plakias: 1h (39km)
  • Rethymno: 1h 16min (65km)
  • Spili: 1h 17min (57km)
  • Chania: 1h 22min (72km)
  • Heraklion: 1godz 50min (114km)
  • Heraklion: 2godz (110km)
  • water
  • beach accessories (towel, swimming suits, sunblock)
  • snack if you need (at the beginning and end of the trail – taverns and shops in Sfakia, on the trail – tavern in Glikera Nera, taverns and shops in Loutro)
  • comfortable hiking shoes
  • flip flops, crocs or shoes to the sea to the beach
  • a comfortable outfit
  • a hat
  • sunglasses