Gorge Kourtaliotiko is one of the most beautiful gorges of Crete, hiding many surprises. In addition, even at the peak of the season, few people walk around its base. If you like challenges and adventures, walk with us along the bottom of the ravine, in the shadow of its impressive walls, up to 500 meters high. Throughout the year, a river flows there, which creates small cascades, dams, picturesque lanes, which invite you to a refreshing bath. In several places the path requires crossing the river or even wading in it. Water can reach above the knees. You will also have a surprise – a charming place where the water seeps over the green-covered rocks. You can stay here and enjoy the beauty of this place. But if you do not fear the icy water, you can enter between the vertical walls of the ravine to reach the main cascade after a few dozen meters – a waterfall about 40 meters high. It is a magical place, vibrant with the energy of nature. Here you will feel the strength and beauty of the water element.

Near the waterfall you will find a charming corner with the church of St. Nicholas and a stone bridge where you can admire the waterfall from above.

Here we will leave the gorge and return to the level of the road, admiring the stories of the legends and nature of this unique place.


Do you have to be able to swim?

  • yes, to reach the great cascade.
  • otherwise it is not neccessary

  • spectacular waterfall on the Megalopotamos River
  • hike the bottom of an impressive, rarely visited ravine
  • charming water cascades on the way
  • church of Saint. Nicholas

About 3-4 hours, with breaks for bath and rest

About 4km

  • about 260m
  • steep on going down and leaving the ravine, otherwise the trail is mostly flat

Path, spiny dwarf vegetation, slippery and uneven stones at the bottom of the river, steps, gravel road and asphalt road


11 AM

Spili, główny placyk, pod fontannami (współrzędne:

Spili to tradycyjna kreteńska wioska, znajdująca się na trasie Retimno – Agia Galini. Jadąc od Retimno, po prawej stronie Spili jest duży parking, gdzie można zostawić auto.

Głównym punktem Spili jest placyk z kafejkami, starym platanem i fontannami w kształcie lwich głów. Tam się spotykamy a następnie ruszamy samochodami do miejsca nad wąwozem Kourtaliotiko, gdzie zaparkujemy auta (kierunek Plakias). Jedziemy około 20 minut.

Spili odległości z:

  • Rethymno: 34min (27km)
  • Plakias: 29min (21km)
  • Agia Galini: 29min (25km)
  • Chania: 1h 18min (86km)
  • Heraklion: 1h 32min (107km)
  • water
  • beach accessories (towel, swimming trunks, sunblock)
  • lunch (if you need, there are no taverns on the way)
  • comfortable shoes for walking on the path and in the water. Trekking sandals will be the best. There may also be sneakers, but you will need to wet them. Excluded flip flops, crocs or shoes to the sea.
  • a comfortable outfit that can be wet and dries quickly, for example, running shortse
  • a hat
  • sunglasses
  • waterproof case for the phone, camera – if you want to swim to the waterfall